Elizabeth Nichols-Ross is a 61 year old female trying to “make everyday above ground a good one” as she struggles with the changes in her chosen profession of funeral directing and shares the stories of her life.  Home is Cambridge, NY, a rural community near the southern Vermont border where she lives with her husband and business partner, Beaver, two Black Labs, Greta and Grady and two cats, Jack and Arnold-who really runs the household.

6 Responses to About

  1. TJ says:

    Enjoy your new space….you needed it!!!

  2. blueyz75 says:

    Okay how do I subscribe! Lol. I can’t iPad type well and oh the joys of autocorrect

    • Sue M. Martin says:

      I discovered your website through Maria and Jon Katz, and what a gift it is! I am 69 and in relatively good heath but at this age one does begin to think about passing from this life to the next adventure. Your thoughts on the subject of death have given me lots to consider and are very comforting. Thanks so much.
      Sue Martin
      Mount Joy, PA

  3. AutoFill Janet Cline says:

    I found your blog through Jon Katz and must say I love your writing. How do I sign up to ensure I receive your blog via perhaps a Facebook notification? Thanks so much!

  4. Melissa M. says:

    I enjoyed reading your blog, but as I was looking at Jon Katz’s today, I realized I’d not seen anything from you in some time, checked your blog and found you had not posted in a long time. I hope you are OK? And I hope you’ll write again soon.

  5. Melissa Middleswart says:

    Nothing new since 2014? Did you give up on the blog? I’m sorry, if so, as I enjoyed your writing and the thinking it led me to. All best wishes to you.

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