Hiding Out

Yesterday I received a pleasant surprise. The Rescue Mama sent comments about several of my blogs. How did she find me? i haven’t written since last January! It is amazing to me that once you put yourself out there on a blog you are always there.
I have been hiding out. I would like to say it is because I have been sooooooo busy that I just couldn’t find time. This is not the case. I think I have been hiding out because my being is in such turmoil that I haven’t wanted to share myself with any one.
Yes, I know every single human being has their problems. This however is not comforting when we are in the midst of our own life. I know I have much, much to be grateful for but I am having difficulty getting past my own negativity and that is hard for me to admit.
I briefly looked back at what I had written last year and I seem to be in the same place as I was, lamenting about my lack of business at our funeral home, changing funeral trends, etc, etc.
I need to let go of this and do what I started out to do on this blog-tell stories about my funeral experiences, share the funny and the sad.
I am hoping this can be a new begining. May the Rescue Mama will help rescue me.

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7 Responses to Hiding Out

  1. marymanya says:

    Tides change- Have faith.
    Wishing you better days soon.

  2. Nice to hear your voice again. When Jon shows us pictures of the cemetery, I thought of you. I’d like to be buried in such a lovey spot. Out here in California it is shoulder to shoulder placement. I chose a plot next to the road in the cemetery so at least one side is free somewhat, not that that will matter, of course. Wasn’t Jon’s piece last night on taking Red to rehab just wonderful beyond belief almost. It was so uplifting to me. I’m an 85-year old woman who lives in Central California–feeling the pressures of aging myself–husband in residential care–children live nearby–have a wonderful sheltie to be my companion here. I can still drive, walk around house unassisted. I was lucky to find a small motorized cart and I take Maddie for walks while riding in the cart. I’m so glad I am able to do that for us. My cart has symbol indicators for speed: turtle and roadrunner. My sheltie’s speed is close to turtle. It’s cooling to being under the l00’s just lately here. We are gratefully waiting for fall to increase. Contratulations on taking up the keyboard again. I look for your messages. Best wishes.

  3. enicholsross says:

    Vella, thank you for reading. You sound like a woman with spunk! I know every life has its problems and I am inspired by women like you.

  4. nancy mullen says:

    Welcome back…we’ve missed you.

  5. Melissa M. says:

    I’m glad to see you writing again, but I’m sorry life is still difficult for you.

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