Time to bake the Funeral Cakes

Yesterday morning I knew it was time to bake Funeral Cakes.  There was not a single one left in my freezer and I knew I had one family that I needed one for.  So I got out all the ingredients and got started.Image

So, you may be wondering, what is a Funeral Cake?  I can’t remember exactly when the tradition began but it’s at least a dozen years ago.  Somehow I got the idea that I wanted to give the families we serve something personal, something special from me.  I had a recipe from my Aunt Rosie for an apple cake.  It’s a great cake especially because it freezes very well.  So I started making this cake, giving it to our families and it got to be known as the Funeral Cake. It has gotten to be quite well known.  Families have come to expect one! One family even requested that I make theirs without raisins.  What do they think I am, a bake shoppe!

I really love making the cakes and sharing them.  Of course I am asked for the recipe but the answer is NO.

It will be available at my funeral and not until then.  It will be worth coming for.Image

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4 Responses to Time to bake the Funeral Cakes

  1. Muddy says:

    So r u providing one with the oysters?

  2. Bonnie says:

    At first glance I thought you meant FUNNEL CAKES, then realized you said Funeral cakes. What a nice tradition you have started.

  3. TCrock says:

    I’m blown away by such a personal touch being part of the funerary world in 2013. Ever consider doing a cookbook for grieving?

  4. I would never have guessed. You are unique, and oh yeah … you could make little ones and call them Cuffins.

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