Writing or Reading?

5 AM-The dogs are fed; my coffee is made and I have a cup in my hand.  Now do I write or read? This morning I chose reading.  I started a book that I got a week or so ago. I made myself finish my Battenkill Books book club book before starting this new one.  I am a one book at a time kind of gal.

By page xvii, I had tears in my eyes. I was only in the Foreword (I just spelled this foreward and realized I was incorrect.  Its fore word, of course)  In Chapter 1, page 8, I had my first belly laugh and on page 17, I was laughing again. Wow, I am only up to page 21 and I am looking forward to every word.

The book I am reading is the Good Funeral…Death, Grief and the Community of Care.  It is a collaboration of two wonderful writers and speakers, both of whom I have had the privilege to hear speak.

A quote from the Preface,” Many people today are interested in funerals and death rituals, and we had all such readers in mind as we wrote.” Thomas G. Long and Thomas Lynch. Rev. Long and Mr. Lynch go one to say that the book was written in particular for clergy and funeral directors.  It was in a funeral directors publication that I first learned of the book as well as in a flyer sent to the funeral home. 

Well, if the rest of the book is as good as the first 21 pages, I think everyone should read it.  I will keep you informed.

Your friendly funeral director and now book reviewer, Elizabeth Nichols-Ross, making time for a few words!  Have a great day.


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One Response to Writing or Reading?

  1. Leslie McConachie says:

    Did you ever read the Teacher’s Funeral? I hooted and grmphed through it. It is a children’s book, a one nighter, by Richard Peck, who is one of my favorite children’s authors. I think I might like your book… far the recommendation is tempting me. If only my “want to read” book list wasn’t so long.

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