Yesterday I was at the opening of the Agriculture Stewardship Associations annual art show fundraiser (  This is a wonderful event that our funeral home has been proud to sponsor for several years.  The preserving of our beautiful landscapes is very dear to me.

When I went over and spoke with one of the board members that I had met at the past two events, she looked me in the eyes and said, “I am following your blog.”  I had a mixture of reactions.  First, I was touched that she would be interested in reading what I wrote.  After blog class this past week, I was feeling inadequate and very unprofessional.  I haven’t advanced the “look” or technology of my blog as many others have.  Last week I wrote nothing. I just couldn’t find any words.  Our homework had been to define a clear purpose for our blog.   I really don’t know what that is either.  Somewhere inside of me, I have stories to tell but right now I am having difficulty with the changes that are happening in my everyday life.   

The second reaction to “I am following your blog” was a feeling of being naked. It is one thing to have a conversation; to say something and then walk away.  It is a very different feeling to write those thoughts and feelings down and then invite anyone and everyone to read them.  It’s scary, real scary and I had almost decided not to do it anymore.

Yet I am hearing that there are people out there that are interested in what I can share.

I feel strongly that one of my purposes is to help people be more comfortable with the subject of death.  I strongly believe that the rituals of death have an important impact on life.  This is a theme that will be a thread woven into my writing.

Life is about change.   Change is the most constant thing there is in life.  Change is difficult, so very difficult.  I am a 61 year old woman whose life is changing faster than I had planned for.  For some reason I am called to write about that journey.  Thank you for being interested in sharing it.

So I will continue.  I will write what comes to me—a little of this, a little of that.  Sometimes it will funereal, sometimes not.  No matter what are plans for our lives are, we are never really in control.  So it goes with this blog.



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5 Responses to Continuing…

  1. Penni says:

    Glad that you will be continuing to write Elizabeth. I too am enjoying your blog and find it very interesting. Thank you for taking the time to share with us!

  2. Cindy Parillo says:

    I enjoyed speaking with you and I admire your gift for helping others to be more comfortable with death. After our enjoyable art-filled conversation I was called to the hospital to see a good friend who’d had to have emergency surgery. And suddenly I’m facing, before she even knows, the knowledge that I will probably lose this close friend very soon. I wish I were more well-prepared by my culture and my education to help her and her children as they travel this difficult path.

    When my mother was dying a few years ago, one of the residents of her assisted living came to visit us in the hospice facility. She had been a minister’s wife, an evangelical Christian, and I steeled myself for her proselytizing words. Instead she took my hand and said simply, “May you find all the strength you need.” It was the most comforting and helpful sentence I could imagine. Perhaps my friend will find it so as well.

  3. Cheers to you Elizabeth … totally from the heart what you said and I appreciate that. Know the feeling about “What am I trying to do with this blog?” Been there and will probably continue to be, because like you said, “No matter what plans we have for our lives, we are never in control.” Come what may … go with it.

  4. Sara Hartman says:

    I like very much the look and feel of your blog – keep it as nice as it is – lovely photos, font, open and easy to read. You have much to contribute to all of your readers! Thanks!

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