I know a man who is a writer not a dog trainer, but in 20 minutes of his time he began the transformation of my relationship with my two Labrador Retrievers from very “out of control”  to a “pleasurable coexistence”.  Wow! 

I know that somehow this is a parable for my life.  For many years I have felt in control.  I loved my life.  I had a profession that I loved.  I got to work and live in a place that I love.  My health was great and I was blessed with money to sustain my lifestyle.  I still have wonderful health for which I am very, very grateful.  The other components are in flux. 

Funeral service has changed.  People don’t seem to value what we do.  As society moves faster and is more concentrated on social media instead of real personal interaction, people don’t want, even though they may need, the rituals of death care.  This, coupled with the fact that people are living longer and longer, is making it so that my husband (we are in business together) and I work less and less. I was not prepared for this emotionally or financially. So I am struggling for answers. 

My sister reminds me of the times when I had so much work that I had no time for anything else.  Right now I have time and what am I doing but wasting it in worry and anxiety! I should know, even more so than most, that we never know what tomorrow will bring.  She and I were in Colorado in August.  We went to Estes Park and the Rocky Mountain National Forest.  Many of the places that we saw are now a disaster area.  Many lives were shattered in minutes.

Somehow I must release myself from the fear of tomorrow and Live, making the most of every wonderful day in this wonderful place and finding ways of serving others.  Somehow I must change my “out of control” into “pleasurable coexistence”.  I am sure the blog class is part of that plan!


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  1. Penni says:

    I live in Loveland Colorado, down the canyon from Estes Park. You are so right in that we never know what tomorrow will bring. This disaster took everyone by surprise, there wasn’t even a lot of rain in the forecast, maybe just showers! How I will miss my favorite spots in Estes, and on the drive up there! We also lost our favorite picnic spot here in Loveland, which was right along the river. But we are so grateful that we are safe and dry, and now we go on and get on with the cleanup!
    Make a plan and enjoy the time you have been blessed with!

  2. brenda says:

    great post — keep going!!

  3. TCrock says:

    I’m curious, what part of traditional post-death ritual (sorry, I’m not sure of the wording) are people opting out of these days?

    • enicholsross says:

      For many years, people have opted out on the actual caring for the corpse, building the coffin, carrying the dead from the place of death to the place of disposition. All of this has been given over to the “funeral director.”
      The funeral director prepares the body, sells the merchandise, made all the arrangements and provides the transportation to the cemetery or crematory.
      At least there was a time for the family and community to be present with the body of the deceased. A religious or spiritual ceremony and the living accompanied the dead to at least the cemetery-most often not the crematory.
      Much too often today, many of these very important rituals are considered unnecessary or too costly and inconvenient in our fast paced world!

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